Common Sense Cutter

Common Sense Cutter

Complete Hsg-O Heat Cutter W/ Blade & Foot Plate

The small Type HSG is primarily used in separating thin materials and for cutting round or irregular shapes. This small, convenient cutter is suited for work such as pattern departments, cutting out awning, filter cloths, sail materials and other fabrics as well as for cutting and welding synthetic cords, webbing, and ropes. As well as the cutting tip, there is an RS cutting tip and a cutting foot available. A blade takes 6-8 seconds to heat up. Virtually Eliminates Fabric Fraying.

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Complete Hsg-O Heat Cutter W/ Blade & Foot Plate is available to buy in increments of 1
The weight of this unit 1 kg
This is a 70 Watt capacity heater that runs on standard household current 110v
The heat can be approximately controlled by using the on/off action of the switch.
More Information
Pattern Fabric, Fabric Velvet, Leather, Outdoor Fabric, Velvet, Vinyl
Color Green
Width 0.000000
Cleaning Instructions To keep your material looking great, please clean spills as soon as they occur with a mild soap and water solution and a clean cloth. Allow the area to air dry.
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