Furniture Supplies

Furniture Supplies

Most Popular Furniture Upholstery Supplies

Have a piece of furniture that’s close to perfect, but needs a little adjustment to get it just right?

Then explore our furniture upholstery supplies collection, and get just the right tools for the job. Whether you need just a few buttons or are looking to overhaul your whole deck, it’s key to find the right products that match what you already possess. Covers, pillows, and fabrics from burlap to webbing all can not just tie one piece together, but be just what an area needs to truly come together and shine.

When you notice your furniture starts to fade or feel uneven when you use it, then all you might need is a replacement leg, some decorative nails, or a subtle cord or zipper to bring it back together. Notice a cushion has lost some of its bounce and comfort? It might be just as simple as replacing a few springs or swapping out a cushion. When buttons go missing, just find a similar size to what was previously there, and you’ll be all set!

With all projects, having the right upholstery tools is key. That is why Keyston Bros also offers a full collection of hand tools, everything from glue guns to rulers, so you can dial in the details on your project to precisely what you want.

When you know how to touch up an aging piece with the right furniture, upholstery supplies and tools, there’s no need to toss out what’s worked for years. Just find the right upholstery tools, roll up your sleeves, and dive into a project that will leave your furniture looking better than ever!

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