Marine Vinyls

Marine Vinyls

Top Marine Upholstery Vinyl Fabric

Does your boat have all the bells and whistles you’ve ever dreamed of, but something still doesn’t feel right when you sit down?

Then it might be time to consider upgrading your marine upholstery vinyl fabric, the subtle but all important liner for seats and lounge areas within your boat. Marine upholstery vinyl differs from other choices in that it not only fends off pesky mildew with antibacterial antifungal fabric, it’s also designed to be especially comfortable to sit upon after a long day on the water. Like all marine vinyl fabrics, it also comes with substantial UV protection and resistance, which means it will retain its shape and color for far longer than alternatives.

Marine upholstery vinyl is an especially important and tactical experience to get just how you like it, as it’ll be the main point of contact with the boat after a hours out under the sun. Having a surface that’s smooth and supportive means you will be able to relax more deeply. Finding the right marine upholstery vinyl can also be a stylistic finish that’s sure to turn heads, and whether you are looking for something subtle or a pattern that turns head, we have dozens of styles to fit all tastes.

When cracks start to form, colors fade, and your cushions don’t provide the same support they used to, then it’s time to check out the full Keyston Bros selection of marine upholstery vinyl, a perfect blend of durabiltiy and support that will serve you and your boat for years to come.

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