Top Marine Vinyl Products

When it comes to anything else that comes into contact frequently with the water, it’s hard to beat marine vinyl, which is why it’s one of Keston Bros’ most popular fabric choices. While water can be endless fun for people to splash around in, for delicate fabrics it can cause issues in a hurry, especially so when combined with sun damage and general wear and tear.

One of the key distinguishing factors between marine vinyl products and other choices are the extra layers of beneficial protection it provides. Marine vinyl comes with additional protection from ultraviolet rays, which is essential to keep the color from fading after all those long days out in the sun. Another key feature of marine vinyl is that it has antibacterial and antifungal built into the fabric. This comes in handy to fend off mildew from forming, a common occurrence with anything that’s constantly around water. Keep your boat looking and smelling fresh as the day you bought it, and your future self will thank you for the investment.

Whether you want solid color, mesh, or eye-catching patterns, within the Keyston Bros’ selection of marine vinyl products there’s an ideal fit for your boat, jet ski, or outdoor furniture. We carry all the most respected names in the Marine Vinyl game like Advantage Marine Vinyl, Seaquest, Ship2shore, and several more.


Keyston Bros also carries and array of hardware and supplies from clear plastics and windows, to shop supplies and textiles.

Request a sample today so you can guarantee your boat is protected from bow to stern with premium marine vinyl that looks and feels just how you like it.

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